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Do I get paid for participating in a study? How much? 98 persons
I did not receive the confirmation e-mail. What should I do? 42 persons
I have seen that there are sessions with free places in the calendar. Why can I not register for these sessions? 36 persons
What happens during a study in the laboratory? 31 persons
How can I cancel my registration for a study? 30 persons
Where do the studies take place? 28 persons
Who can apply for a subject account? 23 persons
What is the meaning of the three question marks "???" after a study under "Studies you participated in"? 21 persons
Can I register multiple times with different e-mail addresses to increase my chances of being invited? 20 persons
I have registered for a study, but cannot register for all the other studies because they have disappeared! 20 persons
I deleted my account, but I want to receive invitations again. What should I do? 19 persons
Do I have to show up when I am invited to participate in a study? 17 persons
How can I add, change or delete information on my account? 16 persons
What should I do if I do not want to provide certain information? Can I put in fake information when creating a subject account? 14 persons
I do not want to receive any further invitations. How can I cancel my registration? 13 persons

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